Paddle Boards: The Different Types And Tips For Choosing One

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When it comes to buying a paddle board, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You’ll want to know what kind of paddle boards are out there, tips on choosing one and where to buy boards. This article will go into more details to help you out. With that said, the different kinds of paddle boards are:


  1. All-Around Paddle Boards- These types of paddle boards are what beginners usually go for, as well as those who have never been on a paddle board. All-around boards can be used in all types of conditions and they are versatile. They are also family and dog-friendly, which is another reason they are popular.


  1. Surf- These boards are ideal for paddlers who are intermediates or advanced. Surf paddle boards are not that stable, which means you can easily fall off of them if you are a beginner. However, they are very maneuverable.


  1. Touring- Touring paddle boards are designed with the serious paddle boarder in mind. They are designed to be used in places such as lakes, bays and an open ocean. Best of all, they were built in a way that allows maximum efficiency and glide. Let’s not forget to mention that beginners should have no problems using touring paddle boards.


  1. Others- The other types of paddle boards include race boards, fishing boards and yoga. As the names implies, they are designed for those activities. Just remember, that there are many brands that sell all of these paddle boards, including the ones previously mentioned.

The Different Types And Tips For Choosing One

Tips For Choosing A Paddle Board

Size matters when it comes to paddle boards and the size of the board you get will depend on how much experience you have and how much you weigh. Generally speaking, a board will have more volume when it is wider, thicker and longer, which means it will be much more stable when out on the water. If you’re a beginner, then you’ll want to choose a board with a lot of volume, but if you are experienced, then go ahead and choose a board with less volume.


If you plan on using the board a lot, then you should choose an epoxy board over an inflatable one, although epoxy boards tend to cost a little bit more money. Also, inflatable boards are far easier to transport than epoxy ones, so if you’re looking for a board you can easily bring with you, then inflatables may be the better option. Finally, consider storage when choosing a board, but if you get an epoxy board, then make sure you put it in a paddle board bag for protection.


Where To Buy Paddle Boards

Paddle boards can be purchased in many types of stores, more specifically sporting good stores and various online retailers. The best place to buy boards is stand up paddle boards. Just make sure you check out a number of stores before you decide which one to buy from.


Now you know how to go about choosing a paddle board. You also know where to buy them and about the different types. Go ahead and start shopping around for boards today.