Internet Marketing – Changing the Way We Do Business

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internet marketing and SEOSo many businesses are trapped in the old way of doing marketing – using old directories, flyers and posters. Not that these things are bad for your business, but the truth is that in this day and age, there are so many other platforms on which to market your business. To do this effectively requires the know-how, and the ability to adapt to the ever changing online market.

To be effective with marketing on line, the first step is to have your own website. Yes, as much as some businesses don’t think this is necessary, with the advent of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, people are searching for businesses and their services via these platforms more than ever before. The tide has changed so rapidly that now it is likely that a business will lose all it’s traffic if it does not adapt by including some sort of online marketing.

To get started with building a website, a platform needs to be chosen. For most SMEs, a CMS as simple as WordPress will do the trick. It also helps if they have some knowledge of how CSS and JAVA work because the core functionality of WordPress websites are based on these scripts.

A second requirement is for businesses to do their online marketing. To do this they could aim to have their website appear ‘organically’ by using the services of search engine marketing professionals. Without using these SEO services, a company will have to pay for marketing – usually referred to Pay Per Click marketing or PPC. There are some other marketing platforms other than search engines, such as what are referred to as Web 2.0 platforms. These are more commonly referred to as social media and blog sites. The most popular among these are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – all of which have an advertising platform for businesses to pay to have their services advertised.

So long gone are the glory days of over priced print marketing and a new era of digital marketing is here. Get a website and get marketed before your business is left in the dust!